Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 2- Feeling better already

Last night I setup my membership for a new gym. I lifted for about an hour an half, doing mostly upper body stuff. I felt very weak, and my shoulders are still very tight so I'll have to be very careful in the beginnings. I focused a lot more on form and going slow. So sore today, but I love the soreness. I missed it. Body wise I looked in the mirror this morning and felt I looked a lot better. I was already down 2 pounds from eating clean, and working out yesterday.

I did a lot better on flat bench compared to incline. Due to the shoulders I'd imagine. During my peak, I was flat benching 285 for 5 reps and inclining 245 for 6 reps. I don't max out, the lowest I usually go with reps is 3. So I'll probably never be posting those numbers.

The embarrassing numbers from last night.

Flat Bench

Incline Bench
140- 4 sets of 6. Like I said shoulders still kinda tight. Joints hurt, which was an effect of the pinched nerve between the shoulder blade. Going to look into something for joint pain/functionality. Anyone tried Super Cissus RX?

Flat Bench DB Press
70s - 4 sets of 6

Also did some back work, dips, and weighted ab crunches. I usually don't waste my time doing a lot of ab stuff. I find that weighted crunches/side bends are the best way to develop the midsection. Was going to run this morning, but woke up to 3 inches of snow. If it keeps it up I'll have to do it Rocky 4 style. I actually keep my daughter on weekends( fri, sat, and sun nights- long story for another post)....but maybe I'll get someone to watch her for a few hours this weekend so I can get some work/running in.

Will be posting some new pics up my Friday. If I can lose 5 pounds the first week I'd be happy, if so I'm sure a lot of it would be water weight, and maybe a pound or so of gooey fat. :)

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  1. Hell yeah buddy but take it slow. 5lbs loss a week means 3-4 pounds of loss is muscle.

  2. i did better on incline than

  3. agreed on the weighted crunches theyre amazing

  4. I'm about to get back into competitive running... For the longest time, I couldn't gain any weight no matter how hard I tried and stayed at 120 lbs (I'm 5' 9"). But then I joined a boxing gym a couple years ago and put running aside. Finally, after all that time, I'm at 160 lbs. I'm no longer called "skinny" by people, and I'm still within the normal weight range for my height. So I think it's time to pick up running again!

    Following and supporting.

  5. I wouldn't be embarrassed, some people don't even go to the gym! :D

  6. go get em tiger

  7. Keep up the good work!


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  9. Runs in the snow - this guy's the real deal, beast 'er man!

    Following your progress/updates,

    U Laugh U Lose - For your daily laughs

  10. glad your feeling better bro

  11. Awesome session bro