Friday, January 21, 2011

Facebook Man Hating- Long Rant

Anyone else get sick of logging into facebook only to see several different posts of women complaining that men are to blame for all their sadness? This seems to be a daily occurrence for me. Does it not go both ways? In a recent Facebook post a certain girl posted this. Not exactly bashing, but in her own way of course.

Dear gay men;
please stop being so much kinder, funnier, and more attractive than straight men. It's quite depressing.

Love, all the women!
 It had about 10 likes from women, and several comments of men bashing.

I responded with:

Dear women,

Gay guys figured it out a long time ago. Most women, for a lack of a better word... are evil. They hate on each other to win a mans attention. They enable the top men to "play the field" because they are always completing for them. It's the 85 percent of the easy, slutty, selfish, whorish woman population that makes it extremely hard for the 15 percent of actual good women to find a good man. Women claim to want nice men, but are attracted to bad men. They want these bad men, to somehow be good men, and make all the nice guys in their lives their bitches. Women could stop this madness tomorrow if they would refuse to follow their vagina's straight into the arms of douchebags, and live up to their claims of actually wanting the nice guys. I seriously doubt this change will happen because let's face it you're much more superficial then men are. This is why there's so much competition among women. Twice as many women are completing for half as many men. So ladies you've made your beds and you're going to have to lie in it.

Hope it's comfortable.

The response I expected.

Strangely enough I had quite a few  "likes"  from women on that reply- mostly older but more experienced in these matters I would imagine. They see that what I said was mostly true, or at least in a lot of cases. Most women want to be able to hate on men, and blame men for all their problems in relationships. It certainly goes both ways, but women seem to enable bad behavior from men and have made it acceptable for men to play the field because they complete for the same ones while hating on each other. "Why is he with her, I don't understand he can do so much better" "He should be with me, I'm much better than she is"...I hear this ALL the time from women. Women hating on other women, it's clear as day. Men usually have the motto "There's plenty of fish in the sea" rarely see a man going for another man's woman unless she's given him a reason, and he believes he can either have no strings attached sex or save her from her dreadful relationship(which most times then not it is just lies to give the woman excuse to cheat). Although far more women try to steal guys that are already attached. As for the relationship problems that women complain about- they take work from both parties. Women have been programmed to believe love is like a fairly tale. They get into a relationship and see that it actually takes work in most cases. "Oh he's not paying attention to me now, why doesn't this feel like when we first met?" Because you were BOTH making an effort then to get to know each other and prove your worth, the freshness of the situation was exciting but now both of you are know each other very well and the honeymoon is over. Happens in practically every relationship. 

Women are more times then not are always the first one to want into relationships, and the first ones to want out when something goes wrong.  It goes back to that fairly tale that believe their entitled to. And these days they get all this attention because of facebook and social media...just enabling guys to play the field even more and for women to overvalue their looks because ignorant guys are constantly white knighting them leaving them generic picture comments that they leave tons of other girls. Is it wrong for these guys to be nice? Not really. These are usually not the ones girls are perusing anyways. Ladies some advice- the older a woman gets the sooner she realizes that the most seductive men, don't make for the best partners because of that competition. This is why your moms and grandmas are always recommending guys that you probably don't find very attractive, these are men with long term relationship/provider potential. They clearly see that, because they have experienced all of this in the past themselves.


  1. And this is why women can be so annoying sometimes.

  2. Totally agree on this...I do the exact same thing when I see these bs statuses on my newsfeed

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  4. Just woke up and this made me laugh ... lol

  5. Wow, you sure do speak the truth lol. Following.

  6. Relationships are ridiculous. You hit the nail right on the head. Women say they want a nice guy, but they really want a douchebag that will beat them and treat them like shit and think they can change them. You know what ends up happening? He beats her and treats her like shit, but if he's hot, she won't care what he does. "Oh, I love him, we're just having a rough time right now"

    This is what happens when we give women rights....

  7. Right on man, right on.

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  8. Haha so true, and god is it annoying!!!!!! Thanks for checking out and following my blog, Following and supporting :D

  9. The truth? You speak it.


  10. lol nice. following.

  11. Lol, very funny post!

  12. Good to hear that some people understood you instead of chewing you out!

  13. ROFL'd hardcore.

  14. Can't agree with you more. It annoys me so much to see not only Facebook status' but also Facebook groups that say stuff like "Im a man.. blah blah i'll flirt with you then just ignore you, blah blah more bullshit". It just frustrates me that women constantly go after these kinds of men and then turn to Facebook to bitch about all men, instead of maybe rethinking the kind of men they date. Followed.

  15. I'm pretty sure the % of nice women isn't quite as low as 15%, but I'm still very lucky to have such woman!

    Nice guys, don't lose hope :)

  16. I just feel bad any time I think of this sort of thing and how true it is. It's the worst. Then after years of being used as emotional tampons, the nice guys turn into the douchebags and have their pick of the women. It's a vicious cycle.

  17. lulz what a queer