Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tranform 2011- End of Week 2 Pictures

I've been pretty consistent with lifting and eating clean. I've only did cardio twice in the 2 weeks, will step it up a notch in the coming weeks. Though I've been able to burn fat with just the lifting, easy to do when you've not lifted in 7 months. Kinda like "newb" gains.

My normal routine after this first 4 week period of reintroducing my body to the stress of lifting will look like this.

Day 1- Chest, Shoulders, Tris
Day 2- Legs, and Abs
Day 3-Cardio(running, stretching, maybe some p90x)
Day 4- Back, and Bi's
Day 5- Deadlifts and Abs

This may change throughout the 12 week period, as I like to keep things fresh.

Weighed in this morning right at 170. I think from the pictures my muscles definitely look a little fuller, and I am starting to get some strength back on my lifts. So here are the "end of week 2" pictures.

End of second week.
End of first week.

At 170 I'd estimate my body fat percentage to be around 12 percent, though if you want to take a guess feel free to comment. If I'm right that means I'm roughly 150 pounds of lean body mass, 20 pounds of fat.

End of 12 week goals are to be somewhere between 170 and 175 pounds at 6 to 8 percent body fat. Basically gaining 10 pounds of muscle and losing 5 to 10 pounds of fat.


  1. Nice, motivating as I'm about to start working out after a long time without...time to get serious.

    U Laugh U Lose

  2. good job so far, 12% sounds about right. but 10 lbs of muscle and losing 5-10 lbs of fat in 3 months? is that even possible natty?

  3. Muscle memory's what I'm counting on at least. I was around 163 pounds of LBM last year at 10 percent body fat.

  4. Initial transformation post.

  5. Looks slightly leaner, not too much though because it is only a week.

  6. good job!
    $upported!returnfavour bro! :D

  7. Takes a lot of determination! Good job.

  8. Looking a lot leaner, good job!